Ultimate Impact Movement

Powerful and Life-Changing

The Ultimate Impact Series is a powerful and life-changing discipleship course unlike any other you will see.  It is comprised of 7 courses. Each course is seven weeks long, 49 weeks in all. They can be taken back to back or one at a time.  They are designed to encourage and activate your God-given dream and anointing.  This will set you up for supernatural alignment with God's Word and Kingdom authority.  It will stretch you and cause you to break into the heavenly realm in a totally new and refreshing way. God is unlocking the fullness of His power and authority for Ultimate Impact in His people who: #1  Understand who they are IN Christ (Did you know God wrote a book with your destiny in it?) and, #2  Humbly, confidently and with authority take their place in His Body to bring Heaven to Earth. Do you want to walk in the full authority God designed you to walk in? YOU CAN!

Kelsi Arceneaux - Testimony

Kelsi Arceneaux is a powerful speaker, author and wonderful person. We've been excited to have her as part of our community. Here is what Kelsi says about the "Ultimate Impact Series."


What is the "Ultimate Impact Movement?"

The "Ultimate Impact Series" is a life changing discipleship course to take you from where you are at now to a person full of Kingdom authority and power; someone fully engaged in your superpower and living out your God given destiny and making an impact for the Kingdom of God. Gil and Adena have taught these principles in their church "Kingdom Equipping Center." The impact has changed lives, and encouraged them to release it online so the world could have access to these life changing keys.

Bralynn Newby - Testimony!

Bralynn went from loving her career in architecture and construction to the deep fulfillment of designing wisdom-based business strategies and building thought leaders. Her clients include international speakers who have been featured on ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN and Fox. Hear what Bralynn says about the Ultimate Impact Series.


Relational Equipping

You don't need more knowledge! You've probably read 100's of books and heard 1000's of sermons.

Our online program is designed to engage not just your head, but your heart also. Through our online community, what you learn will come out in demonstrated power in your life!

Ultimate Impact... What Does It Mean?

When you fully understand who you are created to be and and you begin to walk out your destiny, connecting in power with the rest of the body, the anointing God has placed in you is unleashed.  You will begin to walk in the full power and authority of that anointing... Your real Superpower.  It is more than you have ever imagined. Join us and experience it for yourself.

Are You Connected?

Do you have a spiritual community where you are able to operate in your gifts in full power and freedom? We are building a community of passionate believers who are world-changers and actively pursuing the dream and gift God placed within you.

Kingdom Equipping Center's mission is to unleash the powerful anointing God placed within you!  Then release you to destroy the kingdom of darkness by bringing Heaven to Earth!

""Oh how I need this! While I spend time with Him often, to have a dedicated time with a specific purpose is wonderful. It's only been a few days, but it has really fed my spirit. "

Luz J.

The Value!

These 7 courses are valued at over $500 each.  PLUS, you get many other valuable additions when you sign up here. Such as a free subscription to "Meditate On Me," one of the best Christian meditations sites on android and on the internet. These courses and the add-ons for the year are valued at over $2900. 7 Courses @ $497 each = $3479 Meditate on Me = $97 for the year. Our price through this offer is $97 for one course!  This will lock in this price for you for the other courses as well.  This will save you nearly $2900. OR, you can pay for all 7 course upfront at once for $477.  This saves you an additional $200! OR, even better yet, we have the Jeremiah 29:11 plan!  We all know it... "For I know the plans I have for you," declares the LORD, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." Our Jeremiah $29.11 a month plan gives you the most! 1. Access to the FULL Library of content. (CLICK HERE FOR A PREVIEW OF THE LIBRARY.)  2. All classes and online communities (All 7 "Ultimate Impact Courses."  49 weeks in all) 3. "Meditate On Me" Christian Meditation site (CLICK HERE to preview) 4. Special Discounts at onsite seminars and conferences sponsored by Kingdom Equipping Center.  But Wait!!! There is one last option... FREE! CLICK TO SIGN UP to find out more! (The "Ultimate Impact" courses are designed so each person can go at their own pace. A new section is released each week.  Each week has 4-6 sections/days to it. Some people choose to do them as devotionals, others do as many as they have time for in one sitting.  Then, everyone shares their experience and encourages one another on the private Facebook group.)

Ron Hart - Tesimony

Ron is a leader in marketplace ministry in throughout Northern California. He is well connected and helping many business leaders make the Ultimate Impact in the business world. Here is what Ron says about Ultimate Impact through Kingdom Equipping Center.



You were born at this specific time in history for a purpose. God has a specific place for you in His body for the next move of God. Kindgom Equipping Center is here to train and equip you so you are ready to make the Ultimate Impact He created you to have!

"Adena and Gil, I have So enjoyed this series! I love the videos! They are a great visual addition to the subject, giving greater meaning. The scriptures especially have touched my heart and the focus of intimacy, going deeper In Christ and into the heavenly realm have So fed me! Even if it has been something I have read before, we are coming at the Word and the subject in a New way! It is fresh and filling to picture the Word and stories through our sanctified imagination! It brings even deeper life to the Word! Thank you so much!"

Beth M.

"It is so easy to get stuck in a "comfortable" place in your relationship with God. This is not bad but it is not good either. We need to constantly strive to become closer to God and spend personal time with Him in order to become more intimate with Him. I feel I was in this "comfortable" place before I started the Ultimate Impact Series. But now I am challenged to move into a new place with God. One where I am working to make the desires of my heart match what God desires for me, I am searching out what God has written in MY book for I know His plans are so much better than mine. So if you are really wondering what God wants for you, what it feels like to have the peace of God in your life, or just want that intimate relationship with God, the Ultimate Impact Series is a perfect place to start. Coming to that place of intimacy takes time and effort but if you are longing to reach that place this course will take you there."

Teresa N.

"The Superpower teaching by Gil and Adena is super-powerful! My relationship with Jesus has gotten so much deeper as my understanding of who I am in Him has gotten deeper. This teaching is truly a blessing!"

Fred S.


Take 2 minutes and watch this video. When you know who your are in Christ... Everything Changes! This video of Neo from the Matrix is a good illustration of where those in the Ultimate Impact Series are headed.


"I love the idea of carrying His image (His DNA, looking like Him). The attribute circling exercise made this truth come alive for me. How awesome! And yes, can definitely see in most attributes where the enemy tried to destroy and distort these "image attributes" in my life."

Sarah M.

"Great lesson, today. It's good to be reminded that it's not good to say, or even think, negative things about yourself. Personally, remembering to not say or think negative things about others, comes easier to me."


Hosted By

Gil and Adena Hodges

Directors of  

Kingdom Equipping Center

"We love what we do!  God is so good to us we want you to experience a greater level of His goodness!"

"We look forward to getting to know you.  You are a valuable part of the Body of Christ and we want to see you walking in the fullness of your calling with all the authority Jesus intends for you to have.  Join us on this journey!"

The His-story of

The Ultimate Impact Movement

In 2014 God put a message in my heart. I felt God say, "In order for Me to have the Ultimate Impact in a church, a city, a region... My people must learn and understand who they are in Me. They need apostles, prophets, teachers, pastors, and evangelists to come together and create training and equipping centers that will help my people understand who they really are! They need to know what I have planted in their hearts. It's their destiny. The only way people will be truly fulfilled is if they will fulfill their destiny. I've already written their destiny out for them. Psalm 139:16 "Your eyes saw my unformed body; all the days ordained for me were written in your book before one of them came to be."

When MY people are willing and able to humbly take up their destiny and serve Me and their brothers and sisters I've placed them with, they will be more fulfilled than if they were to get all the things the world offers them and tells them will bring them happiness. Those things will not bring them happiness... but the fulfillment of their destiny will!

My people need to be trained and equipped so they can fulfill their God-given Vision and Mission.

Once my people come together in humility and love for one another and operate AS ONE body, then I will have MY Ultimate Impact in a church, a city, a region and the world. Until this happens, the world will continue to see a people called by My name (Christians) but acting like a body full of cancerous cells tearing each other down rather than building each other up."

That was the message God gave to me in 2014. In 2015 my wife and I started an Apostolic Center in the Sacramento region to do just what God instructed. We help God's people discover their God-given superpower... their vision and mission... their anointing, their calling, their destiny. Then we do our best with the resources we have to train and equip them to fulfill their destiny, then we send them out to do what God has designed them to do. Some go into business, some go into government positions, some education, arts and entertainment, media, family or religion. What God has called them to and given them influence in is where we send them to establish Kingdom for our God!

 We send them with

Kingdom Authority!

 Join Gil, Adena and many others in their online course and experience it for yourself how God will literally move you from where you're at now to extra-ordinary new levels of faith and hope!


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